Best ABA Therapy Companies To Work For

Find dozens of ABA therapy companies that are hiring for BCBA, RBT, and BCaBA, and other roles across the United States.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best ABA companies to work for?

Here are some of the best ABA companies that are hiring:

  • CrossRiverTherapy
  • Elemy
  • ProudMoments
  • HopeBridge
  • Bluesprig
  • Centria Autism
  • Butterfly Effects
  • Behavioral Innovations
  • Alternative Behavior Strategies
  • Action Behavior Centers
  • Chicago ABA Therapy
  • McRory Pediatric Services
  • Prism Behavioral Solutions
  • Continuum Behavioral Health
  • Total Spectrum
  • Achievement Behavioral Services
What are the highest paying ABA companies?

Below is a list of the highest paying ABA therapy companies in the U.S.

  • Kids Choice Services, Inc: $111,525 per year
  • Genius Therapy: $100,156 per year
  • Elemy: $90,125 per year
  • CrossRiverTherapy: $84,305 per year
  • Golden Care Therapy: $66,744 per year
  • Caring Family Community Services: $60,790 per year
  • GentleCare Therapy: $60,601 per year
  • Applied ABC: $58,755 per year
  • Unlocked Potential LLC: $58,556 per year
  • Build n Care: $58,438 per year
  • Pediatric Therapy Studio: $56,568 per year